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If a company’s standard is excellence, then it must provide its associates with the resources they need to grow and thrive.

One way Life Care Centers of America does this is by offering new speech therapists an opportunity to work under an experienced therapist as part of our Clinical Fellowship Year program.

During a Clinical Fellowship Year, a newly graduated therapist applies their knowledge and skills in a therapy setting under the guidance and mentorship of an experienced therapist. For new therapists, this is the final step toward becoming an independent practitioner and allows them to solidify and integrate all they have learned in a clinical setting.

But the learning experience belongs to both fellow and mentor. Many of our experienced therapy mentors attest that the CFY program isn’t just an opportunity for them to teach; it’s also an opportunity for them to learn. The CFY program at Life Care has proven to be a great resource for all our therapists, new and experienced, and serves as one more way Life Care ensures that its patients and residents receive superior care.

Below are several CFY mentors and fellows at Life Care. We wanted to highlight these individuals and give them a chance to express how the CFY program has helped them become better therapists.

Lois Richardson: Mentor

“As a mentor I can tell that my skills grow with each experience. I feel privileged when I am asked to be a CF supervisor as it shows Life Care has confidence and trust in me as an example to a new clinician. I am grateful for each opportunity. Every time I see a clinical fellow (CF) get their certificate of clinical competence, I feel triumphant!”

Anna Robinson: Fellow

“I am grateful for my CF supervisor. She has been able to guide me through challenging scenarios with patients, family members, and treatment plans with grace and poise. I would recommend Life Care mentorships to new graduates of SLP programs who are looking for experience and connections with an in-house therapy team with resources to meet any need.”

Theresa Soule: Mentor

“Being a supervisor has helped me grow by holding myself accountable to my teachings. Mentoring a new graduate also helps me grow as graduates typically bring new ideas and newer research to this setting. For me, the triumphs have been when I hear from positive feedback from patients and staff.”

Austin Covey: Fellow

“Life Care’s CFY program, as well as my CFY mentor, has guided me in becoming a reliable, confident, and outgoing therapist. I would recommend Life Care for CF mentorship due to their openness to collaboration, communication, and providing the tools necessary to continue growing as a professional and succeed as a therapist.”

Bethany Sattovia: Mentor

“I learn from each CFY. They come with knowledge, and it’s a collaboration of how to best serve the residents and building. I enjoy supporting the CFYs so they can build their skillsets and apply them.”

Melissa Mohammadipour: Mentor & Charlotte Morgan: Fellow

“I have learned how to collaborate with other professionals, such as physical and occupational therapists, nurses, and social workers, to provide patient-centered care and maximize therapeutic outcomes and quality of life. Working on a rehab team is one of the most rewarding experiences!”

Markita Gardner: Fellow

“This program has helped me find my niche, allowed me the space to make mistakes, and challenged me to get creative with how I treat certain diagnoses. Life Care's mentorship provides an opportunity to be in a supportive environment with a great number of resources and kind, caring people that make transitioning very seamless.”

Megan Burton: Fellow

“Working in this setting has allowed me to communicate with families and explain the results of our evaluations and treatment plans. Life Care’s CFY program has helped me grow exponentially with my confidence.”

Michael Matthews: Mentor

“The CFY program allows new graduates the chance to continue to grow in the profession while working in a skilled nursing setting. Being a supervisor has made me reflect on my own performance as a speech-language pathologist and made me examine the ‘whys’ of what I do.”

Ayanna Frederick: Fellow

“Life Care's CFY program has helped me grow by teaching me patience, how to adapt to change, and how to explore the many cognitive evidence-based treatment tasks. My CFY program has also taught me to think like a clinician and to think outside of the box. I would recommend Life Care for CF mentorships because you are guaranteed to learn and grow as a professional and individual.”

Lindsey Reichert: Fellow

“During my clinical fellowship, I have gained clinical skills that I could not have learned in school, that I will carry with me throughout my career. Collaborating as one big team and sharing knowledge has been an extremely valuable aspect of my learning and growing as a clinician.”

Carmen Roberts: Mentor

“Being a CFY mentor with Life Care allows me to play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of professionals in our field. Witnessing their progress, seeing them overcome obstacles, and achieving their goals brings a sense of fulfillment and pride as a mentor.”

Jessica VanAusdall: Fellow

“I have gained valuable experiences during my CFY. My supervisor was helpful in teaching me about skilled documentation and time management in this setting. Life Care has a high expectation for patient care, which I appreciate.”

Denise Sporncraft –– Mentor

“It is a wonderful experience to mentor young people in this profession as you get the opportunity to shape therapy forever! It is eye opening to a seasoned therapist to gain education and more knowledge in new research and evidence-based practice by students and new graduates.”

Julie Ayotte: Mentor

“Participation in the CFY mentor program is important because it allows new graduates the opportunity to become employees in this setting with a support system in place and more resources available.”

Srutiba Svingali –– Fellow

“In my program, I had the opportunity to expand on the knowledge I gained in school. Life Care provides an environment that fosters growth and improvement in one’s career. The diverse range of patients with various needs allows for critical thinking and professional development.”

Kenterrio Woods: Fellow

“LCCA’s CFY program has helped me grow as a speech therapist. I would recommend clinical fellows to LCCA due to their ability to help you grow as a clinician and improve your clinical judgement.”

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