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We see incredible recoveries every day in our short-term therapy departments. These success stories would not be possible without our teams of experienced, skilled therapists and therapy associates who use their knowledge and resources to help our patients meet their goals.

But these therapy associates never act alone. They must rely on each other and work as a unit to maintain optimum clinical practices, systems and standards to ensure each patients receives the highest quality care possible.

This is where our therapy councils come in!

Our council’s objective is to ensure that our physical, occupational and speech therapists possess updated tools, techniques, insights and data to deliver exceptional care that meets high standards of practice in every situation.

We want to take a moment to highlight each member of our therapy council and what they do for our therapists and patients. We are proud of their service to the company and the community!

Heather Oakley, PT, Regional Rehabilitation Director of the River Region

“The council challenges us to become better clinicians and teachers by reviewing new education and training opportunities, assessing our current processes for areas of improvement and looking at all resources for areas of improvement.

“All therapists have a heart of service and a knowledge base to help you through this season of health concerns.  We are always striving to heal your body and your mind.”

Karen Williams, SLP, Rehabilitation Director at Northwood Hills Care Center

“Being on the curating side of ideas and projects creates ownership and confidence to train and advance other therapists regarding new initiatives. The therapy councils have provided a platform to develop relationships with Life Care leaders, learning with every conversation.

“Our therapists have a wealth of knowledge to share. If you're interested in the health span of life, reducing risk of injury through strength training or reducing your risk of developing dementia, reach out to a Life Care facility near you!

John Fischer, Division Rehabilitation Director

“I am so proud to work for a company that encourages associates to share their experience, knowledge and passion for each therapy profession.

“The members of the council bring up excellent ideas and different perspectives, and this really challenges me to reconsider my own thoughts and opinions. Every chance I get to be with our associates is energizing to me. Each one brings something special to our team!

Sheila Baehm, Director of Regulatory Compliance

“The rehab practice councils have been a wonderful development for Life Care therapy services. It is yet one more way we are able to incorporate evidence-based research findings into clinical practice.

Being a council member challenges us all to stay current and keeps us relevant with the healthcare needs of today. Rehabilitation can help you realize your strengths and overcome obstacles. The first step is to show up––we’re ready to meet you right where you are!”

Stephanie Flowers, PT, Regional Rehabilitation Director of the Patriot Region

“The council has developed multiple resources to assist the teams with implementation of student programming, new hire mentorship programs, clinical and treatment programs; and these are to only to name a few!

“Through the years, the corporate team and councils have developed best practices, did-you-know resources, wound care educational clinical presentations, Healthcare Academy trainings, etc. It’s been exciting to be a part of this movement and hear the unbelievable success stories of residents who have finally healed their long-standing, chronic health issues.“

Jenny Jordan, Director of Rehab Programs and Systems

“The councils allow for networking and resource development within each discipline. It provides a platform to discuss relevant topics to better serve our clinicians and ultimately our residents.

“I enjoy watching others get excited about our profession. It is great to watch clinicians get involved with presentations, advocacy and recruitment. I truly feel like we are stronger together.”

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